Professional Products for the Serious Crafter


Hobby tape is offered by the sheet or by the foot and features a paper backing to allow you to cut off the amount you need and easily store the rest for future use. This medium tack tape is available in clear with blue grid or paper with red grid. The grid allow for easy alignment of designs. The choice between clear and paper varies considerably and is usually based on personal preference as both perform the same function.
Transfer tape in 10 yard rolls is a more cost effective way to purchase transfer tape. The entire 30 ft is on a cardboard core roll which allows you to use only as much as you need and has no paper backing. Available in clear, clear with blue grid, and paper (without grid). Sold in 6" and 12" size rolls.

Most permanent adhesive applications work best with medium tack tape for easy release. Large permanent adhesive vinyl designs will work with medium tack transfer tape but some find high tack tape to work the best. High tack tape is not recommended for small lettering or detail but is beneficial for large vinyl designs.