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10 pack Heat Transfer Silicone Cover Sheet

10 pack Heat Transfer Silicone Cover Sheet

An AFFORDABLE Alternative to Expensive Teflon Sheets!

Silicone Treated
10 Pack
(12" x 12" each sheet)

Never Buy Another Expensive Teflon Sheet Again!

These sheets are PERFECT for covering your Heat Transfer Application

**Use with ANY Type of Material**
**Equal Transfer of Heat**
**Leaves NO Residue**
**Place inside of the Shirt/Bag to prevent sticking or bleeding of design**
**Multi Use Sheets-Use EACH Sheet DOZENS of Times Before Replacing**
**Disposable When Ready for a New One**

Teflon Sheet get stained with garmet dye?
NEVER RUIN another item from transferring clothing dye with these sheets!

Environmentally Friendly! 
Super thin paper-type material is biodegradable-won't lay around for years like Teflon! 

$7.99 $4.99