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Pink ZEBRA PRINT Heavy Plastic License Tag Blanks

Pink ZEBRA PRINT Heavy Plastic License Tag Blanks

12"X 6" 
Standard Car/Truck License Plate Blank
Create your own custom license tag using any vinyl decal or screen printing!

Perfect for crafters, hobbyists, AND professionals!

New Plastic License Plate/Tag 
ready for your vinyl 
but also 
Screen Printable!

  • Polyethylene plastic .055 gauge license plate blanks accept vinyl lettering and graphics well
  • They are corona treated on both sides for excellent screen printability
  • These blanks will not accept dye-sublimation
  • Corona treated means the plastic is treated with a very high electric charge at low voltage
  • This charge “pits" the surface of the plastic so that it isn’t super smooth
  • Because of this, it is more receptive to the vinyl adhesive
  • It is also more receptive to screen printing ink
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